March Madness Portfolio Challenge

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Over $6k in cash prizes!

Invest Fanbucks in Teams

Invest your $1,000 Fanbucks in the team(s) that you think will advance. Fanbucks are the fuel that drives scoring in the form of net points, which will be displayed on our leader board. Your goal is to finish with the most net points.

NET POINTS = (# of shares owned of team) * (Team’s margin of victory or defeat)

Reinvest After Each Round

Reallocate your remaining Fanbucks or let your investments ride. Following the first round (the “round of 64”), all remaining teams’ prices per share will increase by their respective margin of victory. Note: if you reallocate, you must reallocate your entire portfolio, and reinvest at the new prices for the round.

Win Big

Net points are worth 2x, 3x, and 4x for the final 8, 4, and championship game, respectively. The winner of our Portfolio Challenge—the person who finishes with the most net points—will be awarded $5,000 cash; 2nd place will receive $500 cash; and 3rd through 10th will take home $100 each.